I should have mentioned in my ‘Goodnight’ post that there is a Claim website.  Assuming you have Adobe Flash Player installed, you can listen to a handful of their songs, including Boomy Tella opener ‘Not so simple Sharon said’, their single for Bob Stanley’s Caff label ‘Birth of a teenager’, ‘This pencil was obviously sharpened by a left-handed Indian knife thrower’ (labelled ‘T’ on the player for obvious reasons) and an awesome demo of live favourite ‘Ernestine’ recorded with a string section, the magic of which is getting me – all over again – just a little hot under the collar that it never saw the light of day at the time.


2 responses

  1. Supply and Demand!
    I’ve taken your ‘rudimentary’ comment as a ‘kick up the proverbial’ and have just added the DEMO of Birth of a Teenager to the site. I’ve got loads of material to add but I rely on peoples interest in the site to keep adding to it!
    When I notice a demand or should I say ‘a comment’ then I usually add more when time allows me.
    Any comments or memories of the band are much appreciated.
    Notice the slower speed of the ‘Birth’ demo than the Caff official released single……………………

  2. ‘Rudimentary’ deleted.

    There are rumours of Claim activity – whether that’s the long delayed compilation finally seeing the light of day, the release of ‘lost’ recordings, or even some new ones, remains to be seen.

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