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The second contributed page to Lemon Meringue Pantry, split in two.  The cartoonist is David Nichols, who produced comics and a fanzine called Distant Violins.  The comic that came my way was Soon, featuring strips such as ‘Pebbles of the dead’ and ‘The day the world caught fire’; David’s extraterrestrial humour emboldened me to ask for more of the same for my fanzine.  He also drummed – or rather percussed – for the Cannanes, whose Bored, angry and jealous EP was released the following year (1987).  Its rough acoustics and heavy dose of sarcasm in the form of ‘You’re so groovy’ bear up well after all these years.  They’re still going, albeit without David, who went on to write and then revise a history of the Go-Betweens (Verse Chorus Press, 2003), a book which in giving an affectionate but not reverential account of the group very much does them justice.


David’s humour – at least as it stood twenty years ago – comes from a not dissimilar well to that drawn upon by Nicholas Gurewitch for the Perry Bible Fellowship.  The execution, of course, is different, with David offering something akin to the early Cannanes’ sound – rough, ready and spontaneous – while Gurewitch varies his style and colouring to suit his absurdist ideas, more often than not finessing them to perfection.


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  1. […] David’s cartoon’s from the first issue are here. […]

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