Anarchy in Wonderland

I networked hard in the first issue of Pantry, 1986-style, reviewing – linking to – twenty-odd fanzines, all of which I would have laboriously written off for enclosing the obligatory SAE and coinage, following up reviews in other fanzines, the music press, and John Peel’s frequent plugs on his Radio One show.  The graphic limitations of the page itself stop me from offering it as a scan here, but the names are a treat:

Are You Scared To Get Happy?
Anarchy In Wonderland
Adventure In Bereznik
Baby Honey
Bandits 1-5
Big And Bouncy
Coca Cola Cowboy
Cursing This Audacity
Diana Rigg
Hand On Heart
Hello! Good Evening, And Welcome
The Hip Priest
Hungry Beat
The Legend!
1965 Kitchen
Pure Popcorn
Simply Thrilled
Skipping Kitten
Trout Fishing In Leytonstone
When Saturday Comes

It wasn’t always the case that a fanzine’s name was the best thing about it.

Among the editors of these mostly forgotten screeds I can count:

One editor of Smoke: a London peculiar
One publisher of Plan B
One member of Teenage Fanclub
One Soup Dragon (as I recall)
One June Bride
One transvestite
At least one anarchist, possibly three or more
One Mancunian cultural commentator
One reviewer of computer games
One freelance sportswriter
And two folk with Kentish connections who remain very good friends to this day.

As for the others… I wonder what became of them all.


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