1987 vintage


And so in this slow serial presentation of juvenilia as cultural artefact, we come to the second issue of my fanzine.  This variant on the Pantry title was suggested by Mark Fisher, then the editor of Limelight, a fanzine dedicated to XTC, who featured inside Too Much Hanky Pantry, as a subsequent scan will reveal.

It’s evident from the unholy alliance of imagery on the cover that this issue’s battle for my soul was between the situationist interpretation of the world as spectacle and the cutie interpretation of throwaway pop as spectacular.  I thought myself a natural soixante-huitard, for that was the year I was born.  Eighteen in 1986, I was also a natural proponent of throwaway pop.  It’s not giving much away to say that in the end neither won, as you will eventually see if you stick with this cut-and-paste feature.


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