By the end I was glad that it was just a dream

Great YouTube find by Fruitier than thou – a video for ‘Paul McCartney’ by Laugh.  It’s a pity that Laugh didn’t make a full LP in the style of this and ‘Take your time yeah!’ to compare and contrast with the one they did make for Heavenly’s predecessor Sub Aqua; by the time that possibility was on the table, they had developed the sequenced syncopation that Mancunian groups in the eighties seemed inevitably drawn towards.  They did it with style and substance, as the Sensation number one LP bears out.  Or would, if anyone had the nous to reissue it.

Fruitier also offers a range of other delights, including radio sessions by High Five and Prefab Sprout, live sets by Felt and the Go-Betweens, and – with its editor’s permission – a full scan of I think the first issue of Hungry beat (Kevin will correct me if I’m wrong, though he may not thank me for pointing you in its direction).


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