So here’s a late-blooming New Year’s resolution.  The plan is to earmark all the albums I’ve bought over recent years but for one reason or another have never listened to, and finally give them the time of day.  Then write about as many of them as I can here.

Almost invariably the CDs and LPs in this hall of infamous excess were impulse buys in second-hand record or charity shops, with a few chainstore sale purchases thrown in for bad measure.  Why have they languished on the Pantry shelves?  Because of the weight of competition.  Because there aren’t enough hours in the twenty-first century day.  Sometimes because I have taken an irrational dislike to them, either because I’m disgusted at my slavish addiction to music or on account of some intrinsic property of their own, as has been the case with Rehearsing my choir by the Fiery Furnaces and the Fiery Furnaces’ grandma.  More than occasionally because I have actively disliked the first song or two and could bear no more.  And, in the case of Aha shake heartbreak by the Kings of Leon, because I first tried to listen to it when I had flu and had just eaten some toffee cheesecake which caused me to retch.  Since then every time I think of that album (or Kings of Leon in general, or indeed toffee cheesecake) I feel sick.  Which could make for an interesting post when I actually try playing it again, especially if I attempt to conquer two demons at once and buy in some toffee cheesecake for the occasion.

To give the plan some impetus, I’m going to try to abstain from purchasing any new CDs or LPs until every previously unloved album has had its due.  (Does this leave a crafty loophole for downloads?  I will also need to allow whatever I may need by way of researching a Backed with entry.  And what about releases dated 2009?  It seems unfair to discriminate against them because of past wanton purchasing.  So that’s new old CDs or LPs then.)

Inverting the title of the Bodines Played, the series shall be called Unplayed.

Series sponsors: 101 Collectors’ Records of Farnham and the Oxfam music and books shop on Marylebone High Street.

First up it’s Washing machine by Sonic Youth.


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