Talk your heart out

‘With the return of the enforced if constructive loaf in these darkest of days we should celebrate those who seek to enlighten and illuminate. I have, for example, the utmost respect and affection for the online jazz community that has done such a fantastic job in hosting sites and pages dedicated to specific labels: CTI, Muse, Black Jazz, MPS, Strata East, and so on.’

‘Some things just stick in the mind. Like in I think 1978 a friend went to buy the Vibrators’ Automatic Lover single. When he got home, inside the admittedly neat pic sleeve was a copy of Dee D Jackson’s contemporaeneous Eurodisco hit of the same name. I remember thinking: “And the problem with this is?” I didn’t even know then there was an accompanying charmingly conceptual Cosmic Curves LP!’

‘One day I’m going to get my book published. The one I called Ra! Who? – The Art of Bluff. A Studs Terkel type oral history on the theme of when and where people from all walks of life, all over the world, heard Sun Ra for the first time, and what their immediate reaction was, working all the while on the premise there’s a lot of pretending and folks thinking they should react in a certain way.’

‘You know how sometimes it seems a record is tailor made specifically for you? Exactly.’

Those are four of the intros to pieces in the new …your heart outKevin has established his new venture as a monthly affair and shows no sign of not maintaining that momentum.  Number four is the now customary mix of new, old, borrowed and blue, and once again has me wishing that there were enough hours in the day to pursue all the leads it invites me to follow, in this case Jorge Ben, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Y Records, Alice Clark, Mo-Dettes, Samia Farah, Catherine Ribeiro, Fay Hallam, Chicca & Intrigo, Ahu/Dolly, Bullion, and Paul White.

And news just in: Kevin has (somewhat reluctantly, but reluctant with good reason) added a Blogspot blog to the … your heart out arsenal.


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