The coldest winter for a hundred years

Alistair has nailed his colours to the masts of the great new 10 inch singles by the Granite Shore and the resurrected Wild Swans (both available from Occultation).  All four cuts are more than worthy of a write-up, but at the moment ‘The coldest winter for a hundred years’ is just shading it.  A fond and evocative memorial to a dead time, place and person, ‘The coldest winter’ is a particularly fine addition to the small but growing collection of what for want of a better phrase we might call spoken word pop.  I’m thinking of the Clientele’s ‘Losing Haringey’, The Claim’s ‘Mike the bike’, the Go-Betweens’ ‘River of money’, Momus’ ‘Closer to you’ and George Pringle’s ‘Carte postale’; I’m sure there are plenty of others that haven’t immediately sprung to my mind but will to yours.


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