Picking up the bitter little pieces

Well done to Vic who is trying hard to get some wind behind an unlikely Claim revival here and here.  Vic was if I’m not mistaken the writer and narrator of ‘Mike the bike’, the B side of the group’s ‘Birth of a teenager’ single for Bob Stanley’s Caff label.

It will be a joyous day indeed when the Bus Stop compilation – originally scheduled for release in 2002! – finally sees the light of day.  Meantime there is a Claim website streaming a few of their songs, and efforts have been made on YouTube which allow you the pleasure not just of ‘Sunday’, ‘Sporting life’ and ‘Birth of a teenager’, but also of seeing the Two Daves (Read and Arnold) performing ‘Picking up the bitter little pieces’ as recently as July last year.


2 responses

  1. Yes, it’s me! We can do this together. The Claim will rise again!
    I have been promised that the album is edging closer to release. It is everything a Claim fan could wish for – being not only a ‘best of’ but including some (or all) of the unreleased late-period demos – Between Heaven & Woolworths (this really is a stunning track – even by their standards), Being a Minor, Ernestine etc.
    Quite how we reach people who missed them the first time around i don’t know, but we can try.
    As for Mike the Bike – I have never liked it much – but that’s no reflection on the band!

  2. Ok Mr Templar, we’ll do our best by them. And I know there are at least two or three others who will use their respective platforms to blow their trumpets for the Claim when the time comes.

    I’ve always thought of ‘Mike the bike’ as a perfect B side (in the best sense – that it complements what’s on the A side) and to this day I enjoy its fine blend of humour and the crackling performance by the group.

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