Begone dull care

[Canadian director Norman] McLaren always tried to convey a sort of stream of consciousness in his movies. The irony is that his movies were painstaking to make, and he relied heavily on deliberate editing and careful consideration. And there is a conflict there; a strange dichotomy at play between the joy of creating and innovating despite (in McLaren’s case) an almost inhuman attention to detail. That tension is always on my mind. Our albums are at times fidgety; in this case, we basically spent the majority of a whole year working on about nine or ten songs. It’s hard to do that and try and make them feel spontaneous and uncalculated. And to be honest I’m not totally sure if I would want them to sound completely ‘carefree’. I kinda like ‘the sound’ of the tension between those two extremes.

An interview with Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys by K-Punk highlights the imminent arrival of the Canadian duo’s third album, Begone dull care.  If it can match the previous two for their oxymoronic mix of painstaking care and unhurried unfurling of 21st century soundscapes – not to mention heartfelt, bluish-boy singing – then I for one will be happy.


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