Senator Bellybutton

My small innovation for issue two of the Pantry fanzine was – in minimalist imitation of the weekend papers – to include a supplement; the space allowed David Nichols to do the honours once again on the cartoon front.

David now blogs at Lorraine Crescent, and in one of those moments of synchronicity that the internet’s exponential growth makes more or less inevitable, he has just posted a piece about the comics he read as a boy, reflecting on the effect their ‘silliness’ had on him: ‘I took it all in, the bald dads and food obsessions and angry policemen, and made it work for me as a way of seeing.’

David’s cartoon’s from the first issue are here.



2 responses

  1. 1) What a pleasure to see these again.
    2) In my innocent mid-teen days I hadn’t come across the Australian useage of the word “spunk” so I thought the comment in frame 1 was just completely random and it made me laugh a lot.
    3) “or in your case a short contraction” made it into my vocabilary and I’ve been saying the phrase fairly regularly for more than 20 years – I had completely forgotten where it came from.
    4) Woop and the Poops please!

  2. Woop and his Poops are coming soon – I will dedicate them to you, Tim.

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