Are you sure it’s not heartburn?

The latest … your heart out is subtitled The enormity of small things.  With the usual emphasis on connections, it intermingles thoughts on soul music made in the UK with memories of nights that Dexys Midnight Runners came to town.  I suspect the chapter format intentionally recalls the third Hungry Beat, in which Kevin first wrote about Don’t stand me down and those now mythical Dexys shows of late 1985.

The Jasmine Minks also feature in The enormity of small things, as they did in Hungry Beat #3; in fact Kevin uses the very same photograph of Jim Shepherd, and recalls the day he and Jim met Kevin Rowland at the ‘Doing it for the kids’ Creation all-dayer at the Town and Country Club (as the Forum in Kentish Town was then known).  The pre-Oasis bill now reads like a fanzine writer’s dream; in order of appearance, there was Biff Bang Pow!, Pacific, Emily, Jasmine Minks, Jazz Butcher, Felt, House Of Love, and Momus.  Four or five of my all-time favourites.  I remember seeing Jim and the two Kevins together, and thinking ‘wow!’  But I myself never got close enough to smell Kevin Rowland’s perfume, as Jim did, according to the extensive answers he gives in this undated interview with Caught in the carousel.  Mind, you needed to smell sweet that sweltering day in August 1988.

The Caught in the carousel interview also links to an Another age outtake, ‘Running’.  Though nothing like the Minks’ best effort, it amply demonstrates the ‘soulful edge’ that the Minks added to their garage punk sound.

Prefab Sprout fans will enjoy ducking out of the way of the rotten fruit thrown – by implication – in their direction during the course of chapter ten of The enormity of small things.  Kevin, I can feel a Backed with entry coming on…


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