The 10 rules of rock and roll

There are two presents I would like for Christmas.  The first is a McLennan Monkees t-shirt.  The second is a copy of Robert Forster’s book, The 10 rules of rock and roll, which collects together the music criticism previously discussed here.  There’s a new piece in the book called ‘The 10 rules’.  That I can’t wait to read – the 10 rules in the opinion of the man who wrote ‘Rock’n’roll friend’.

In other Go-Betweens news, brought to us by the ever dependable, the group are having a bridge named after them in their home town of Brisbane.  It’s called the Go Between Bridge.  Not the Go-Betweens Bridge plural, but Go Between singular.  More of a referencing bridge than one named explicitly after them, I suppose.

The Go-Betweens, Robert Forster, Grant McLennan and me

This post is also an excuse to post the cover of one of my most cherished CDs.  The Go-Betweens, Robert Foster, Grant Mc Lennan & me was given away as a cover-mount CD with French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles in 1991, and comprises six songs by the group, and three each from Grant and Robert’s first solo LPs.  It doesn’t have anything a Go-Betweens nut wouldn’t have these days but at the time the remixed, alternate version of ‘Head full of steam’ was notable for the extra lines that Robert sings: ‘Steam may rise, steam may dare / Can I come to your place, and can I wash your hair?’

16 Lovers Lane acoustic demos

And it would be a dereliction of duty not to point you in the direction of a later Go-Betweens CD for Les Inrocks, which gave the French-speaking world a chance to hear acoustic demos for 16 Lovers Lane.  These didn’t make it onto the enhanced version of the album released by Lo-Max Records in 2004, so I’m guessing that if you’re a fan, you’ll want to head down under and visit our friends at That striped sunlight sound.

3 responses

  1. I recall … a Robert Forster piece in Debris on hair care. I should very much like to see that again. Less use for it these days, but even so …

  2. I give you not one but two Robert Forster hair care articles:

    Debris, 1987

    The Monthly, 2008

    Sample quote from the 2008 version: ‘I would have made a great hairdresser.’

    Hairdressing’s loss is music’s (and writing’s) gain.

  3. Excellent, thanks Dan!

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