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The Berlin demos

Hoist on my own petard.  Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last.  It follows that if you call a blog post ‘Something old’, one entitled ‘Something new’ should appear relatively hot on its heels.  But I’m really struggling to identify something that (a) I want to tell you about, and (b) is worth telling you about.  I make lists of music that I read about and would like to hear and then for a variety of reasons never quite manage to find the time to listen, even if I’ve got as far as downloading the odd tester song.  And of the new releases that I do get my ears around, well, you don’t want to hear any more about the National, or She & Him, or Deutsche elektronische musik, or even Tracey Thorn.  Though perhaps I can quickly say how much more emotionally engaging a set Love and its opposite is in comparison with Out of the woods (on which Tracey’s moods are lost in the production) and how the accompanying and largely acoustic Berlin demos put you nostalgically in mind of A distant shore and establish a thread across 28 years, a connection bypassing the highs and lows of Everything But The Girl.  (There – tricked myself into writing about something new.)

Maybe this is why it’s still more or less true to say that pop music is a young person’s game.  Us older folk just can’t stay the pace.  Or don’t have the time to.  Or both.  And for better or worse we know what we like.  But still I’ll keep trying to find something that generates that feeling of newness, of discovery, of a new angle on an old form, or at the very least a strong recasting of a familiar approach.  And you’ll be pleased to hear that I think I’m ok for ‘Something borrowed’ and ‘Something blue’, and that – oddly enough – these may well double up as ‘Something new’s too.


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  1. I actually really enjoyed her last album! Much as I ilke ‘A distant shore’ I don’t want her to release another version of it.I guess Ben Watt has gone over to house music these days?

  2. Hi CJ, apologies for the belated approval of your comment. It’s the mood of the demos more than the album proper that summon up the feel of ‘A distant shore’ – ‘Love and its opposite’ inevitably reflects where TT is in her life now, and lyrically that’s a long way from being an ex-Marine Girl striking out on her own. As for Ben, I’ve enjoyed a couple of the Buzzin’ Fly compilations but I confess I don’t really know where he’s at these days.

    1. Have listened to the new LP and you’re right, it’s very good.What else are you listeing to? I’ve been on something of an EBTG kick after posting this and can’t stop listening to ‘Riverbed Dry’ , ‘Another Bridge’ etc.

      1. Cheers CJ. What am I listening to? Lots of the old stuff. Some of the new. Nightingales is actually a better indicator than this place at the moment…

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