45 45s #1 Jasmine Minks – What’s happening (Creation, 1985)

What's happeningBecause it’s everything a 45 should be, from the tinted Xerox art-pop cover to the run-out groove (which reads ‘PUNK ROCK’ – scratch that into your mp3).  Because it clocks in at under two minutes.  Because it burst forth from Peelie’s show one night and left me breathless.  Because I bought it via mail order from Small Wonder of Sudbury.  Because it’s on the Creation label, and back then Alan McGee understood how seven inch singles had retained their the potency from the days of punk.  Because the label which adorned the centre of every Creation label 45 was a ball bouncing into and knocking down a pile of bricks.  Because I took it to the one club in town when I was seventeen and the DJ played it in among the standard fare and I and four or five of my friends danced wildly to it among the coloured flashes of light and glitterball silver.  Because whenever I hear it, I am seventeen again and in love with two of those friends.  Because the song itself is about being young and in love (though not necessarily with two people at once).  And because it reminds me that however old we get, we carry our youth inside us.

4 responses

  1. This post and this song make me infinitely happy.

    1. As does your comment me!

  2. Best 7″ Creation ever released,or ever will.

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