45 45s – Revolutions per minute

creation45It’s my birthday today. I’m 45. By way of celebrating, I’m going to post and write about 45 45s. So that’ll be 45 posts about 45 singles all within the space of my 45th year. Quasi-numerologist that I am (cf 300 words), I’m resisting the urge to make each post 45 words long and commit myself to doing it in 45 weeks.

A few years back, I spent a not inconsiderable amount of time looking at B sides. It’s time now to flip the flipside over, and concentrate on the immediate, the obvious, the shop window. And what better time to begin to eulogise the A side of a 45 than the day I turn that age myself?

I’m imposing some rules on myself so this doesn’t get out of hand, as the B sides eventually did.

The choice will be made from my collection of seven inch 45s as it stands today. No twelve inches, despite their spinning at 45 rpm. Of course I don’t have all of my favourite ever singles on seven inch, but there are still plenty to choose from, and a fair few of them may have stories of one kind or another attached, assuming I have the time to tell them, because when you’re 45, life spins as fast as a 45 does, and sometimes there’s no time except to be whirled around by it.

I’m going to strive to avoid singles by artists I’ve already covered with a B/w entry, and I’m not going to get into potted histories of the artists as I did with those. Instead I’m going to concentrate on the song in question, and any of those associated stories, so that hopefully what results will be posts written with and in the spirit of a 45.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, I’m no vinyl fetishist. I have about 500-odd seven inch singles, far fewer than a number of my friends; but it’s true that I’d part with almost all of my possessions before I’d let go the two large plastic crates which contain them. They really were the perfect match of content and form, or format at least. I wrote something about that back when I was kicking off Backed with. I don’t have time to rip vinyl unless absolutely necessary, so the mp3s I post alongside the words will be scratchless versions. Besides – not being a vinyl fetishist – I think they sound better that way.

As you may imagine, the choice of 45 45s has been – is still proving to be – difficult. On first pass I was left with more than twice that number of artists, and there are multiple possibilities for many of those. It’s going to be hard to get from long list to short list.

I’m aiming to do one a week over the course of the coming year, which allows seven weeks for slippage. I bet I use them. Wish me luck, and a happy 45th. Oh, and enjoy these blasts from the past.

2 responses

  1. Happy birthday! So glad you are starting on this project…I will be looking forward to all 45 future posts.

    1. Thanks Sean, I hope it’ll be worth following, and that I can keep up to speed…

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