45 45s #2 Max Romeo – Chase the devil (Island, 1976)

Chase the devil‘Yeah, ‘Chase the devil’ – that song was written by me and Lee Perry.  Lee Perry is a man who has some contention with the Devil.  I don’t know if he’s obsessed with doin’ somethin’ to the Devil.  He came up with this song about hangin’ the Devil up, cuttin’ his throat an’ throwin’ him in the fire!  So I say ‘You don’t have to do that, let’s just chase him out of earth, send him to outer space to find another race’, and right away go into writin’ the song.’ – Max Romeo, sleevenotes to the Lee Scratch Perry box set Arkology

Not so long ago my daughter and I had great fun skanking around to this one, filming ourselves on an iPad.  If I were adept at editing .mov files, and if I were a father a little less prone to mortification, then I suppose I might be vaguely tempted to put up the video on YouTube.  My daughter almost certainly will be adept at editing .mov files before very long, which is why I’ve appropriated the file and put it in a secure place where it stands no chance of making me a viral Dad-dancing laughing stock.  Along with the photos of me with rubbery snakes on my head, coming over all Medusa the other week.  But even if I’m not prepared to let you see the footage (or those photos, for that matter), I can tell you that this is a belter to dance and sing along to.  Mind, I’m not sure I’d have been singing along to it in my daughter’s hearing if Max had meekly let Scratch pursue his original vision of the song.

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  1. This was a nice one for a stormy morning. Nothing quite like old ska for clearing out the cobwebs. Desmond Dekker is another old favorite of mine.

    1. I spent the first night of my first visit to the States watching and dancing to the Skatalites, so I can tell you that ska blows away not only cobwebs, but jet lag too.

      1. Good to know! One of my favorite ska shows was Bad Manners at my university’s student center…I don’t think I’ve danced so hard at a show since that night. Those second wave bands were no slouches in whipping up the frenzy, either.

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