45 45s #16 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Polydor, 2003)

yeahyeahyeahsWait… they don’t love you like I love you.

So when I’ve listened to this song over the last ten years, I’ve heard the emotion, I’ve heard the reality of someone left behind, torn apart, but strangely, until I considered writing about it, I’d never spotted the personal application.  Because once, long ago, I went off travelling, and left someone behind.  And she loved me, I think, and wanted more from me than at that time of my life I was prepared to give, and she could easily have said then of my maps of France, ‘Wait… they don’t love you like I love you.’

Karen O’s performance of the song in its video is heart-breaking.  Towards the end, there are real tears.  The emotion of what the song meant to her was obviously still raw.  I imagine even now when she sings it, she is inside the emotion and it all comes back to her like it was yesterday.

2 responses

  1. My favorite song on that album! And there are quite a few winners on there.

    (I just spotted that Bill Hicks quote at the bottom of the page here…hahaha.)

    1. Glad it’s one which strikes chords with you, Sean.

      I owe the Bill Hicks quote to Michael Head really, as ‘Here’s Tom with the weather’ is the title of one of his band Shack’s albums.

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