45 45s #18 Brakes – Ring a ding ding (Rough Trade, 2005)

BrakesMy daughter loved this when she was three.  She used to dance around madly to it – ‘Dance dance dance to the monkey macaroni’ – the opening bars acting in a Pavlovian manner on her body.  Now she looks a bit puzzled when I play it and tell her that she did.  But hey, among other things she loves the Beatles, the National’s ‘Fake empire’ and that grisly Nick Cave song from Harry Potter and the deathly hallows: part 1 (or The lyre of Orpheus, depending on your point of reference), ‘O children’, so my role in her musical education is not going badly.

This is a piece of melodic punk rock to match the best you’ve ever heard on that front, whether that’s Wire’s ‘Outdoor miner’ or The Undertones’ ‘Teenage kicks’.  Yes, I’d put it in that bracket, and as I don’t have either of those among my sevens, ‘Ring a ding ding’ will have to stand for all three of them.


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