45 45s #37 Stereolab – Ping pong (Duophonic, 1994)

StereolabThe trick that Tim Gane first practiced alongside Malcolm Eden in McCarthy (whose ‘Red sleeping beauty’ was number 17 in this series of 45 45s) is here brought to its culmination – for surely there could be no finer mix of melody and anti-capitalist economic analysis than that contained in the grooves of ‘Ping pong’.

Having briefly been a member of McCarthy herself, in Stereolab Lætitia Sadier took on and refined Malcolm’s role. It helped that she has a voice which is dark continental chocolat, an intriguing mix of guile and guilelessness. On ‘Ping pong’ she offers lyrics such as ‘There’s only millions that lose their jobs and homes and sometimes accents / There’s only millions that die in their bloody wars, it’s alright’ dressed in such a sugary, summery melody that the average listener might not so much miss the message, as overlook or believe they misheard it. Undoubtedly that’s what Stereolab hoped would happen – that the song would be played on daytime radio because of its deceptively sweet melody, and by stealth the political insinuations would be smuggled into the ears of millions of listeners, more or less subliminally, like blipverted words imprinted on a table tennis ball being spun and smashed back and forth between two evenly matched players from opposing parts of the ideological globe, as we the spectators of the spectacle swing our heads from side to side, unable to break free of the hypnotic spell of the rallying. ‘Don’t worry, be happy, things will get better naturally’.

Twenty years on, it remains an infectious and atypical Molotov cocktail chucked at the mainstream from behind the barricades of independent pop.

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