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Unseen ripples from a pebble


To add to the one already posted here, more photos of the Wolfhounds playing at the Black Horse in Camden on 28th June 1987.  Taken with a cheap Pentax, and it shows.



ppp09_495w8qOuch!  Here’s the more considered, appreciative view of the Bodines over at Backed with.  And here are:

• Slipside
• Untitled

I oversold the Gore Vidals, as they were the product of my AAAA friend Chris Jones’ thoroughly active imagination and underwhelming musical craft.

You really could get all the astonishing records listed in my ‘Bury St. Edmunds Library top ten’ from that excellent institution in 1986-7.  A spot of revision or essay writing, a lot of browsing through books and vinyl.  No wonder my A levels didn’t go quite according to plan.

The photos are of Dave Callahan, taken as the Wolfhounds performed at the Black Horse in Camden on 28th June 1987.